Vintage Junk Journal Glue Books

by Debbie-Anne

These are my current junk journal glue books, ready to fill with collage art. I like making them ahead of time so that when I'm ready to create a collage page, I just need to pull out my bits and my glue, and get creative!

P.S. There is additional info provided in the description below the video on YouTube. To view it, press play and then find the 'watch on YouTube' button on the bottom right of the video.

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Jun 03, 2017
Response For Vicky
by: Debbie-Anne

Hi Vicky, the items I showed here are things I've collected over a long period of time. Some are expensive but it was spread out over years. There are many free ways to obtain images. Flyers, junk mail, free catalogs you can request by mail, etc. You can save your postage stamps from mail you receive and use those, parking tickets, bus tickets, receipts, etc. If you check out the 'Glue Books and Collage Art' page you can watch a few videos by Margarete Miller suggesting types of paper to use in collage art. Good luck!

Jun 03, 2017
by: Vicky

Please can you tell me where you get all your images from.
I have a big problem getting images as I'm on a limited income due to disability so I can't afford expensive subscriptions.
I've tried my library, local shops and hairdressers and had no luck. I only have my GP surgery to get from and that's only once a month.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Vicky xx

Jun 02, 2017
A Glue Book? Mahalo for the idea.
by: Brenda F-O

Your potential glue books are exceptional. I never heard of glue books and now I want to make one also...I'll be checking out the friends of the library used book sales for an interesting hardcover...I'm already thinking purple as my theme so I hope I find a purple bound book. Maybe I should just look for an old copy of the novel The Color Purple for the title on the spine! Mahalo for a new project for me.

Jun 02, 2017
Response for Kitty
by: Debbie-Anne

Hi there! The info was mentioned in the video and can be found if you go to the 'hidden stitch' page on this site. It's in the menu column on the left. :)

Jun 01, 2017
Glue bookd
by: Kitty

I really would like to see how you made your glue book.....not what you collaged in it..not that that process isn't a newbie, I'm liking for a video on that. If I've missed it, please direct me. Thx!

Jun 01, 2017
glue books
by: Dee

I have not done a glue book yet, but have been thinking of starting one.....I really like your ideas for them.

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