Vintage Ephemera

The images below are believed to be in the public domain (copyright free). They can be printed and used in your junk journals and other paper creations, or simply admired! Enjoy!

Printable Ephemera

Browse the links below for an assortment of ephemera I've scanned and edited for you (simply scroll past this form - this is for admin use).

More Ephemera

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Harper's Bazar Opera Fashion - 1876 
Here's a lovely lady in a gorgeous cashmere opera cloak from a December 1876 issue of Harper's Bazar Magazine. Look at the embroidery detail! Download …

Blackberry Engraving 
This beautiful image is one of my favorites from a very precious book in my collection entitled 'The Popular Art Instructor' published in 1887. I found …

More Byzantine Architecture 
Another beautiful architecture image from the Byzantine era. Download here.

Botanical Graphic - Mid 1800's 
Here's another beautiful botanical graphic from the mid 1800's. It's called the 'Mimusops Dissecta'. I wasn't able to find much info on it. Download …

Marbled Endpaper
Circa 1911
This endpaper is from an encyclopedia published in 1911. The book is bound using straight pins and tightening screws - an antique version of modern ring …

September Bride 
Take a look at this gorgeous bride in her wedding dress! This illustration is from Harper's Bazar magazine, dated September 6 1873. The lace trim and bows …

Byzantine Architecture 
Vintage architectural illustrations are also a favorite in my collection. Here's one from the Byzantine era - known for its circular structures, domed …

Little Rae Virginia
Cabinet Card
Here's a sweet photograph of a little girl named Rae Virginia Morrison. The handwritten note on the back says that she was 15 months old in April 1892. …

New Year Postcard - Winter Scene 
Here's a beautiful postcard to mark the beginning of a new year. I love the row of birch trees casting shadows in the snow. This one is postmarked December …

Christmas Postcard From Blanche - 1915 
A charming Christmas postcard postmarked December 24, 1915 to what looks like 'Mrs. Walter Rose' from Blanche. Download here.

Botanical Graphic - Mid 1800's 
I absolutely love vintage botany illustrations. They are so exquisitely detailed! This is the cynara scolymus plant, or artichoke from the mid 1800's. …




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