Using Gesso In Journals

by Lynn
(Ottawa, Canada)

I was wondering if you ever use gesso and if so, how you use it in your projects. I saw a video on YouTube using it as an adhesive to stick down items on a collage page. I'm not sure what the difference is between using gesso to do this or glue...

Thank you!

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Jun 15, 2017
Using Gesso
by: Debbie-Anne

Gesso is typically an art painter's medium used to prep a surface like wood and canvas for painting. I haven't used it as a glue, I prefer to use a permanent glue stick in my glue book collages, as well as double-sided tape and scrapbooker's glue for thicker cardstock pieces.

When I do use gesso, I dry brush it on journal pages that have a 'busy' background if I plan on writing so that I'll have a blank area. It does not dry opaque, but covers enough to fade out the details behind it.

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