Time Cards...Different Ways
To Use Them - Part 1

by Rachel JazzyCreations

Time cards..... what do you do with a time card? Lots!! In this post, I am going to merely scratch the surface of what you can do with them. The possibilities are endless. I love to use them in all of my journals. These are some of my favorite uses...

In all of these samples, I have coffee dyed the time cards first. That is your choice if you like that look. You can choose to leave them unaltered. In the first photo, I have punched along one long edge and adhered it to the journal page along the non-punched edges. This forms a "side-tuck" pocket which you can add photos or memorabilia to. This makes a great pocket because it is sturdy and chance of tearing from use is minimal.

In the second photo, I have kept the time card in one piece and simply folded the bottom edge to form a pocket. I punched along the edge, adhered all the paper and sewed around the perimeters of both the pocket and the top portion of the time card before gluing down the pocket. This can then be attached to a journal page, or tucked into a pocket.

In the third photo, I have used two time cards plus a spine piece to glue them together to make a small journal that can be easily tucked into your purse. You can use this for jotting down grocery lists or phone numbers, etc. As you can see, I have attached the two signatures using eyelets so that once the pages are filled, I can take them out and replace them with blank sheets. I can reuse the cover over and over. I have used printables from the Spring Chic digi kit at EVG.

In the fourth photo, I am showing the inside front cover of the small journal. I've used small pieces of cut-offs to make pockets; one on the front cover and one on the back cover. I've punched along the top edge first before gluing it in place.

I hope you consider using time cards in your projects. They are sturdy enough for pockets and even journal covers! Check out post #2 to see a couple more ways I like to use time cards! The time cards I used in these projects are available in my Etsy shop.

Have an awesome day!

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To Use Them - Part 1

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Apr 11, 2016
Thank you for leaving comments!
by: Rachel

Thank you ladies for leaving comments! Sorry for my delay in replying. I definitely love using time cards. I seem to use them in every journal. :)

Apr 02, 2016
Great explanation and showcase
by: Pernille

Thank you for explaining how you use time cards Rachel. I'm all new to that sort of crafting but they look great in all your projects dear..xo

Apr 01, 2016
Time Cards
by: Shirley

Thanks for explaining how you used the time cards Rachel.

Apr 01, 2016
Great Ideas
by: Danielle

I just started playing with time cards. Thanks for the ideas!!!

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Time Cards...Different Ways
To Use Them - Part 2

by Rachel JazzyCreations

Hopefully part 1 inspired you to use time cards in your junk journals! Of course, there are many many ways you can incorporate time cards into your projects. Think altered art, collage, gift tags, "tip-in's", side pockets, bottom pockets, stand alone pockets you can slip into your junk journals, journal covers, tags, journal spots, to-do lists. Seriously, the possibilities are endless and like I always say, only limited to your imagination!

And now for a few more ideas. In the first and second photos, I've cut the time card apart into two sections, punched along the top edge and adhered them to the bottom of a sealed envelope. These form pockets for your signature. Along the top of the envelope I have cut a sliver of it off and then punched "thumb holes" so that whatever is placed inside can easily be removed.

In the last photo, the time card is folded in half and placed within the signature to form separate pages. I cut the ends into a tag shape, punched a hole with a 1/4" punch, and then tied dyed seam binding just to add a little decoration. Super easy to do!

I hope I've given you some ideas on using time cards in your projects. Please feel free to ask any questions if you have them!

The time cards used in these projects, as well as other junk journal supplies, are available in my Etsy shop.

Have an amazing day!!

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