Spring Home Decor Projects

by Pernille
(Silkeborg, Midtjylland, Denmark, Europe)

Dear crafters!

I am so happy and honored to be part of this crafters community. I greet you newbies – since I am a newbie myself into junk journals, journaling and all things vintage crafting ephemera. I have been creative all my life just with other fun projects like papercut, sewing and knitting.

A year and a half ago I discovered craft projects on YouTube and EVG a.k.a Debbie-Anne Parent. I watched one video after another and fell in love with the journal making and scrapbooking addiction. You might think I have done a whole lot of journals by now but you might be surprised to learn that I have only made 5 or so. What I love to do is to recycle every day things and trash, and transform them into beautiful artwork for my home.

I studied design in both multimedia and fabric construction (tailor) so I have learned a lot about color and how to put things together. All my life I have been interested in interior design, design and just beautiful things. I guess that's why I create the things I do and since I care about our environment I try to incorporate at least one reusable/recycled object in each item.

In the projects I will show you with this spring theme, I reused a plastic lid from a bottle, a chocolate box, wine corks, a piece of drift wood and made clever use of all the leftover scraps that match these papers (Steamtown Spring collection). I am also going to reuse and alter some little tins from tomato paste to hold the spring flowers eggs I am going to make next week if they arrive here in due time! Fingers crossed.

Watch here how I made a styropor heart with punched paper flowers

In the second video which is kind of a process video I show you how I decorate the chocolate box with the spring flower heart and other spring like decorations. If I talk too much nonsense please forgive me I am not used to make process videos.

For my tables I make napkin rings from toilet paper tubes and candle light covers/rings from the same tubes and this year I am also going to make some styropor (foam) eggs covered in paper flower punches in matching colors.

Maybe there will also be a reused egg carton on my kitchen counter when the easter holiday begins!

It will take me hours and hours to create all this but I am loving it so I can't stop really!

Ok so this is it for me with this first post. I hope you are all doing great and will be crafting great things!

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Jul 17, 2016
Inspiring and beautiful talent
by: Anonymous

I am really enjoying your videos and wonderful projects! Very creative and inspiring! Again, I just love your upcycle ideas - I tend to collect and save things (don't know why or what for) but you have proven to me that so many things can be re-used! You are very talented and crafty. I don't know now how "printables" work, since all my stuff is store bought papers, but I will have to look into it, to see what kind of paper to print onto, etc. Thanks again - Lisa

Apr 11, 2016
You are such an inspiration!
by: Rachel JazzyCreations

Pernille, I am so excited you are part of this site! Your projects are so unique and creative! I'd love to sit with you someday and just watch you create. The way you put things together into a project is so far beyond my thinking. I can't do what you do, but it sure does inspire me! Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

Mar 20, 2016
So much fun to watch and great ideas!
by: Debbie-Anne

You're one of the people I enjoy watching the most on YT for a few reasons - your projects are so unique and you are clearly enjoying yourself! I'm thrilled that you're a site contributor. Your talent amazes me and your recycling ideas are wonderful. And this project, like all of them, is really gorgeous besides being practical. I love the heart (thank you for sharing where you got the inspiration). It was really fun to watch, I felt like I was sitting across the table crafting with you in your sunny room! xo.

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