Spine Button Closure

by Debbie-Anne

I love doing the spine button closure. It's easy and so pretty.

I sew the button onto the book spine before attaching the inside pages. I center the button and sew it on with baker's twine, linen thread or crochet cotton. I tie the knot on the inside but you can also tie it on the outside and make a bow if you prefer.

Then I use the hidden spine pamphlet stitch for binding my signatures.

As you can see in the photos, I use two buttons, a large one and a smaller one underneath to create space for wrapping my seam binding or ribbon.

Sometimes I want to use a spine button closure and have the pamphlet stitch showing on the outside spine; in this case, I still sew the button first and then do a 4-hole pamphlet stitch that 'skips' stitching in the center of the spine where my button is.

One thing to remember with this closure is that if you plan on using the book to do alot of written journaling, you'll want to use buttons that are as flat as possible so that your book lies well on the table when it's open.

I hope you've enjoyed this technique!

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