Printer Tips

'Woodland Wings' Printable Journal Kit by EVG

Laser and inkjet printers both have their merits when it comes to printing journal supplies. I use them both interchangeably depending on the project.

The main difference between them is that images printed on inkjet printers are generally not water resistant while laser images are in fact waterproof. There is one exception, however and it's the Epson Expression Home XP-430 which uses water resistant pigment ink; it's an amazing printer at a very affordable price point.

I also use a wide format Epson Artisan 1430 inkjet and a Canon ImageClass color laser (see images). This Epson model allows me to print on 12x12 paper and uses a multi cartridge system as opposed to tri-color, which makes a huge difference in the image quality. I use only Epson brand cartridges and have found they go a long way. This is due in part to the photo paper's quality and the ink quality, which isn't always as high in knock off cartridges. The laser toner cartridges in my Canon are also brand name and last a very long time.

This can be significant if you want to coffee or tea dye your paper. A page with a laser image can be dipped in a coffee mixture and will not bleed or run, but a typical inkjet image will. 

But there are a few ways to incorporate the antiqued look of coffee dyed paper with inkjet images.

  • coffee dye your paper first and then run it through your printer. I've never tried this option myself but I've heard other jj makers have tried it successfully. I would proceed with caution and make sure the pages are ironed flat prior to printing.
  • lightly spray the blank side of your inkjet image with a bottle of coffee/tea mixture. I do this often in my own junk journal creations. I print my image on one side, then print a graph or lined design on the other and let it sit for at least 24 hours. Then I spray the lined side with my coffee mix and use my heat gun to dry. If any of the printer ink runs, it's fine - I like the combination of lined and coffee stains.
  • brush a tea or coffee mixture onto the backside of your inkjet image with a paint brush or cloth. If  your paper is under a 32lb weight, it could make your image bleed slightly. I've had this happen but the result was really pretty and made it look even more vintage.

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