How To Use Printables

Printables are a wonderful supplement to paper supplies in all your craft projects. One of the main advantages is that they can be printed over and over again, on demand. This is a kinder alternative for Mother Earth as it wastes less paper compared to purchasing mass produced paper pads that we often don't use completely. 

Another great thing about them is they add variety to a project because of their unique designs, often including coordinating pockets, tags and other ephemera elements. 

And finally, printables (at EVG) can be purchased from anywhere in the world and downloaded instantly. This means no waiting for an order to arrive in the mail and no fees to ship them. This is especially great for crafters who have little or no selection of supplies in their area!

In the following video, you'll see an example of how you can make a junk journal by combining printables and other paper supplies.

Downloading and Storing

And now, a few tips!

It's a good idea to download printables immediately after your purchase when possible. Typically when printables are purchased, they are available on a receipt page immediately after the order is completed. Also, a link is sent to the email you entered during checkout. If you use a different email address for such transactions, it would be advisable that you access the email right away and forward it to your preferred email address. You should also save this receipt to a folder other than your inbox. This way, you have a copy and order number for future reference.

Saving downloads to your computer is a good temporary option, but they should be moved to cloud storage such Dropbox or Google Drive, or an external hard drive (I use the one shown here).

Another good practice is to create separate folders and subfolders to keep your printables organized. This is especially important when you download from a variety of shops and free online resources. It will help you keep track of where the digis are from and what useage is permitted. Please keep in mind that just because a Google or Pinterest search provides an image, it does NOT mean downloading and printing is permitted - even for personal projects. Not all artists add watermarks to their online samples or give permission for printing. Terms of use vary greatly and should be respected. A search of the site where the image is found will normally provide useage information. When in doubt, don't.

Best Paper For Printables

Getting beautiful prints depends on two things: paper and printer. A combination of quality matte photo paper and a color printer with original brand ink will usually give you the best results.

I have yet to find a high quality cardstock that gives me the bright, crisp prints of matte photo paper. I've tried several brands of both cardstock and photo paper over the years, but keep coming back to Red River paper. The quality is outstanding even when paired with a low end inkjet printer. The video below shows a comparison between cardstock and Red River matte photo paper. See for yourself:

I keep Red River paper on hand at all times and use it for all my junk journal printables. My favorites are:

  • 26 lb. Color Jet for journal pages
  • 32 lb. double sided Premium Matte, also for journal pages and pockets
  • 60 lb. Paper Canvas (with texture) and River Linen for covers, tags.

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