Paper Supplies
And Other Junk

Many of the paper supplies needed for making junk journals can be found around your household. There's no need to buy anything! Of course once you start making jj's as a hobby, you'll find yourself wanting to expand on your junk collection. You'll be amazed at all the stuff you can use.

Office Supplies

Where to begin? Basically, any office paper can be added in junk journals. Some of my favorites include time cards, ledger paper, index cards, graph paper (which can be coffee/or tea dyed!), file folders, and envelopes of all shapes, sizes and colors. These are some of the office supplies I use in my junk journals.

Junk journal page - envelope with clear window.

Household Paper Waste

Your junk mail may normally go straight to the recycling bin, but now you can also re-purpose it. Look for pamphlets that have interesting shapes or colors – they make fun tuck spots and pockets. Don't worry about not having writing space, you can glue/staple/tape lined paper to them.

Merchandise tags are also fun for junk journals, as are plastic or paper packages and bags.

Gift card holders, paint samples, corrugated cardboard, paper towel rolls, outdated telephone books, subway maps, magazines and catalogues can be used too.

Junk journal page - magazine page with graph paper.

and Craft Supplies

If you're a crafter then you probably have lots of supplies that would look great in your junk journals. Use patterned paper, cardstock, greeting cards, envelopes. These combine well with printables, which are a great addition that you can print on demand.

Don't stop at paper! Use your lace, ribbon, fabric scraps, silk flowers, needle point and crochet supplies, etc. Just think beyond their initial purpose and you'll find most things are suitable for junk journals.

Junk journal page - book page with strip of patterned paper.

More Junk and Ephemera Ideas

Making junk journals changes the way we see household 'junk'. Before long, you'll be collecting things you never imagined useful until now. It's addictive, fun, and good for the planet!

A few more ideas:

  • Shop your local thrift stores/estate sales/yard sales/library sales for old books and things such as: children's flash cards, playing cards, board game cards/money, puzzle pieces.
  • Check the kitchen cupboards for paper cake doilies, coffee filters, lunch bags, cupcake liners, food boxes, coffee pouches, tea bags...

Here are more examples of how to incorporate household junk into your jj projects.

Got Clever Ways You Use Junk In Journals?

Show us your favorite junk tips and ideas!

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