Paper Punches

Paper punch

Paper punches are essential when making junk journals. There are functional punches and decorative punches as well. The list below contains the basics you'll want to start with.

Hole Punch

A hole punch will be useful for different things. First, it's great for punching your hang tags so that you can add ribbon or string. It's also essential for adding holes to your pages if you're binding a junk journal with book rings. Also, it's perfect for punching a hole to make a ribbon or elastic closure.

Eyelet Setter

And eyelet setter is necessary if you want to add metal eyelets to any of the punched holes you make in your junk journal projects . The eyelet size and the tool must correspond with the size of the hole you make.

Japanese Screw Punch

The japanese screw punch is sometimes called a drill punch because of the motion of the mechanism that creates the hole. This is a very practical tool for punching a hole in an area of your paper that a typical hole puncher can't reach. It just requires downward pressure to make the hole. The screw punch is great for making holes in Midori style junk journal covers that use elastic binding.

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