Paper Dyeing Question

by Kris
(New Zealand)

I love the colour of my coffee dyed paper but I find the smell overwhelming. Am I doing something wrong? In case I'm not are there any hints for making the paper that darker colour without using coffee? I have tried tea but it just was not as dark.

Many thanks. Love the site.

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Mar 23, 2016
Removing the odour from coffee stained paper
by: Di

Hi, I rather like the smell of coffee stained paper, so it doesn't worry me.

However, I made a very strongly dyed journal for my daughter (who loves coffee so much that I told her that if she got desperate for a coffee and was too busy to stop for one she could just tear out a page and chew it ;). We found though, that by the time the journal was completed, the lovely smell had dissipated completely. This has occurred with all my other albums and journals as well, even papers stained with herbs and teas such as lemon myrtle etc. especially for the perfume.

So my problem is rather the reverse of yours, more regarding how can I retain the specific natural perfume...

I store my completed journals that are waiting to be distributed in a large plastic storage tub with several home made lavender bags.
Mainly to be sure that the odour from adhesives etc does not become too prominent before I gift the items.

Hope this adds to your information. Di

Mar 21, 2016
coffee smell
by: Dianne

I have used essential oils on a makeup remover cloth (little round things) and placed this and the smelly paper into a plastic bag and left it for a long time, refreshing the oil every now and then. This was to remove a chemical smell from supposedly hand made and dyed paper from India, it was putrid but it did the trick so I would imagine that the coffee aroma would disappear much quicker than that. I persevered as the paper was beautiful

Mar 20, 2016

by: Debbie-Anne

Hi Kris, the smell can be overwhelming. I have found that it is varies depending on the paper - not sure if it has to do with the pulp and glue composition and weight/quality as well as the amount of coffee you used. Some people don't mind it but if it bothers you, try adding a few drops of vanilla extract to your coffee mixture, or even cinnamon. I've even rubbed my paper after it was dyed with a fabric softener dryer sheet and it helped. Thanks for stopping in, feel free to ask more questions any time!

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