Organizing Your Junk

by Debbie-Anne

When you enjoy making junk journals and collage art, collecting junk (vintage or otherwise) can quickly get out of hand.

Although I have yet to find a perfectly efficient way to store my stash, I have a system in place that keeps it manageable. I thought I'd share what seems to be working for me.

First and foremost, I know what type of junk I prefer so I don't bother keeping items I don't like 'in case' I might need them later. Also, I've designated a dresser and a few containers for these supplies, all within reach of my worktable. Here's the breakdown.

1) I only keep what I can fit in those spaces. One drawer is for modern office ephemera (manila tags, time cards, envelopes, etc.). I stop collecting if the drawer gets full.

2) I have a separate drawer for vintage ephemera and I'm limiting my collection to what will fit.

3) I have a container for assorted recycled things like junk mail, pamphlets, paper bags and paint chips, etc.

4) I also keep a cigar box of miscellaneous merchandise tags, the kind you get mainly on clothing.

5) Similarly, I keep a shoe box of stamps and only add to it when I find any that are unique.

6) I keep a basket of paper scraps near my work table. These are mainly offcuts from paper pads and coffee dyed copy paper and the extra bits from my digi test prints.

7) Finally, I have a container for interesting images for glue books/collage art. I prefer to pull them from the books and magazines ahead of time so that they're more accessible when the mood strikes.

The truth is, ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING can be used in junk journals so it's easy to get sucked into saving it all. But I'm not sure that's a good idea because you could get overwhelmed sorting through it before you even get a project started.

Consider the amount of time you can reasonably devote to crafting, your preferred style of junk journals and what you've got in your stash already. This way, you can keep your collection in check and feel more inspired to use it.

Happy creating!

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Jun 21, 2017
Very Useful, thanks
by: Carol

Another newbie, so thank you that was a useful blog-post. I'm only four junk journals in & already I have gorgeous 'junk' ephemera & coffee dyed papers galore...... isn't it absolutely great. Thank you so much too for the wonderful tips & inspiration....

Jun 19, 2017
Way to much stuff!
by: Anonymous

I stopped collecting any more stuff because I am so overwhelmed by all of it. I must admit I think I enjoy collecting it as much as making journals but had to stop. I now see the reason why many people 'destash' can accumulate too many of one thing and it is nice to pass it along.

Thanks for the good ideas in the way you have found the best way to organize junk.

Jun 15, 2017
Organizing Junk
by: Janet

Sounds funny to organize junk but I love your system. I also love what I can see of the drawers. Looks like you covered them with book-type paper. Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

Jun 15, 2017
by: Claire

I loved that part of your organization that said "you could get overwhelmed sorting through it before you even get a project started."

I get overwhelmed b/c I collect vintage items in general and did LONG before I started making journals and books. After all these years, I just had to bite the bullet and start USING those precious pieces of paper. I have a drawer (and another set of hanging file folders) full of paper that I decided was too wonderful to use. But if it too wonderful, then why am I keeping it?

Organizing the "fancy" stuff back into my working stuff was the best organizing I ever did!

Jun 15, 2017
by: Chris

I just want to say, that I thank you for the article on organization. I am a beginner and this makes a lot of sense. I will be redoing my materials that I have collected, because even though I have them organized, I need to par down. Again thank you for this message.

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