Organizing Collage Bits and
A Sampling of Glue Book Junk Journals

by Debbie-Anne

I just wanted to share how I organize my collage art ephemera before I start a project. When I'm creating, I don't like clutter around me. Of course some messiness is expected, but I've found that this little system is working and gives me peace of mind so that I can focus on the project instead of wasting time finding the right paper bit for the page.

I like to work in themes so that I can sort the ephemera and assorted bits by subject. So, I use trays and baskets and just pile things according to theme. At the time of this post, I've got 4 glue books on the go, which means 4 trays of bits and paper.

This is the part of the project that takes the longest because it requires me to sort through my collection of books to find images, as well as my postage stamps which I store in a shoe box. Maybe someday I'll have time to sort my stamps by subject but for now, this works.

Once I've got enough stuff to get going, I organize the pile in the tray. I put the smaller ephemera bits such as playing cards, postcards and postage stamps into a smaller container/box, as well as any washi tape I think I might use. It just makes it easier to reach for if the smaller stuff is together. The larger papers are stacked in the tray very casually according to size.

This allows me to work on a few glue book pages at a time and then put everything away together until the next time I want to play with this particular book.

If you'd like to see the 4 bare gluebooks I mentioned above, here's the video:

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