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There are some junk journal questions that get asked more than others. This page will hopefully answer them. 

Junk Journal Ephemera Tabs with 'Sew Pretty' Printables

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Frequently Asked Questions...

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Definition needed for newbie 
I've seen the term 'signatures' used on this site describing how many signatures in a journal etc. What is a signature? Thank you from this newbie!

Tags in Junk Journals 
I have a silly question, but.... I have tons of tags for my journals. Now what? Do u write on them. As in actually journaling or are they just for decoration? …

Restoring An Old Book Cover 
When rebuilding or restoring a vintage book cover, would you recommend using Mod Podge to protect the outer cover and spine? I may have seen this method …

Printing - What's Best? 
I was wondering about the printables. What kind of printer works best (laser vs. inkjet) and what paper types makes the best result?

Sewing Paper With A Machine 
I recently purchased a sewing machine because I'd love to sew on and in my journals. I sewed two wallpaper samples together for an outside and inside cover. …

Silhouette Faux Leather Paper/Kraftex 
Does anyone know if the Silhouette Faux Leather Paper is similar to Kraftex? I need something to re-inforce the spines of my journals and in SA you can …

Hole Punching Through A Thick Cover? 
How do you punch holes in chipboard? I don't think my punch can do it.

Using Gesso In Journals 
I was wondering if you ever use gesso and if so, how you use it in your projects. I saw a video on YouTube using it as an adhesive to stick down items …

What's the best paper to use on digital kits? 
Just wondering if regular cardstock and copy paper will do...

When making signatures what counts as a page? 
Some people count the one page with two sides as two pages - others count the one page with two sides as one. Which is correct?

Can you recommend a good type of bookbinding thread? 
I'm a newbie who is just about ready to sew her signatures into her first book. I want something that is strong and will last. I'm curious about brand …

If you had to choose one of your many printers... 
If you were to chose one printer for your digitals, which would it be? Whether it be one out the handful of yours or if you had the opportunity to buy …

Looking for adhesive suggestions for attaching lace. 
What kind of adhesive do people use to attach lace to a journal cover? The ones I have seen with lace on the spine or elsewhere look so neat...no glue …

How many signatures should go into a journal? 
Do you have a recommendation on how many signatures to use for book sizes? For example, if I have a book with a one inch spine? Thank you

How do you dye paper? 
Two questions: 1) how long do you leave the paper (copy paper) in the coffee or tea solution before putting it in the oven? 2) Someone mentioned …

Where can I get good seam binding? 
I have been buying seam binding from thrift stores. Most of the time it is coloured and I have been able to spray it and have it crinkly, but now I am …

Attaching lace to spine 
I love the look of lace along the spine of junk journals, but I'm uncertain as to how to attach it securely. Suggestions?

What are the best tips for adhering napkins? 
Hi, I'm loving this website! I was wondering if you all ever use paper napkins to make journal covers or pages in journals and what type of glue you would …

Can printables be printed at a copy centre? 
My printer will not handle this type of job, so I was wondering if you can take the "kit" on a flash drive to a print shop and have them printed??? …



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