Junk Journal Closures

Seam Binding Junk Journal Closure

Junk journal closures are not only decorative, but they also keep books closed and keep loose things inside from falling out.

I love using hand-dyed seam binding on almost all my junk journal closures but I sometimes use other things as well, such as:

Button and hair elastic closure
Brad closure
Spine button closure
Vertical elastic closure

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More Junk Journal Closure Ideas

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Vintage Junk Journal
With Key Closure
This is a vintage style junk journal I made with a vintage book cover and coffee dyed paper throughout. I was especially happy with the grid pattern my …

Spine Button Closure 
I love doing the spine button closure. It's easy and so pretty. I sew the button onto the book spine before attaching the inside pages. I center the …

A Pretty Way To Keep
Your Seam Binding Attached
Here's an alternative to the spine button closure. This one doesn't have the strength of the sewn button for wrapping around, but it's a great way to …

Elastic and Split Ring 
I use an elastic band or hair band and thread it through a hole in the back of the journal, about a qtr to a half inch in from the edge and halfway down …

Vertical Elastic Closure 
Here's an easy closure for junk journals using elastic cord. This short tutorial shows how I do it. P.S. I don't always 'hide' the elastic inside …

Button and Hair Elastic Closure 
I wanted to show how I make button closures with a hair elastic on my junk journals. There are many variations on this one and you can alter it to suit …




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