Inside Out Envelopes

by Debbie-Anne

Here's another way I recycle security envelopes.

1) I cut the envelope at the two ends so that I can open it like a page that has a fold in the middle.

2) When I add it to my signature I make sure it's going to be the center page that gets folded and that the white side is facing up.

3) Once the signature is attached in my book, I fold the envelope in the middle so that it conceals the stitch inside. The 'privacy print' (patterned side) is now the outside of the envelope. I add glue at the two ends, or the top and bottom of the 'page' to close it back up.

I sometimes just cut the flap off, tuck it inside or attach paper to it to create an extra journaling spot.

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Aug 25, 2016
by: Della

A totally awesome journal!

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