If you had to choose one of your many printers...

by Amy

If you were to chose one printer for your digitals, which would it be? Whether it be one out the handful of yours or if you had the opportunity to buy your dream printer. I'm just getting started and this whole printer thing has scrambled my brains and stopped me in my process, lol.


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Dec 15, 2016
by: Jill Robertson

I owned one years ago and because I had had it for over 15 years, I thought it was a good time for a new one. I got sucked into the idea of a cheaper one...very bad mistake. It cost me in the very long run. Ink was over priced and the printer was basically disposable. It would cost more to fix than purchase a new one. This cycle went on for several years. I finally woke up and went back to Epson. Like others have mentioned. Their ink is waterproof. I can print and even dip it in coffee, spray it with washes, etc. without smearing.

Dec 15, 2016
Favorite printer
by: Nancy

Any Epson that uses Durabrite ink. The big advantage is that the ink is waterproof--you can coffee-dye after printing without having the ink run. You can also watercolor over a line drawing and the lines stay crisp and clear.
The disadvantage is that, unless you use your printer on a regular basis (once every few weeks or so) the ink will clog and you'll have to get a new printer.
I think that Epson may have a new type of waterproof ink that they use in some of the wide format printers.
Hope this helps

Dec 01, 2016
My All Time Fave
by: Debbie-Anne

Amy, I own my dream printer and will choose this one 100 times again! It is amazing, can print wide format (12x12 scrapbook paper), the colours are perfect and the ink lasts a very long time.

It's the Epson Artisan 1430.

Keep in mind though that printer paper and proper settings on your printer are key also! It's great to have a fabulous printer but you need good matte photo paper or high quality cardstock (I only use matter photo paper, you'll see it in the side column of this site).

I hope that helps unscramble your brain!

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