I Want To Make A Planner..

I have 8x8 inch calendars and some paper that I would like to use to make a planner. What is the best way to do this?

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May 12, 2016
by: Anonymous

There's also back to back type binding, which you wouldn't be able to switch pages around like Debbie mentioned above or the arc system (there's two out now- staples arc or now they have the mambi arc (like Happy Planner ones) punch so you can make your own planner/journal. With the arc you can pretty much make it any size. Debbie also has a twine binding that's pretty cool too.
Watch her you tube vidoes and some others to get an idea of the style your thinking of. Then go from there. Good luck!

May 12, 2016

by: Debbie-Anne

Hi there! I like planners on book rings or in ring binders because that allows me to add, remove or move my pages.

In this video, I used a chipboard cover to make a ring- bound journal. You could adapt this idea for the size of images/pages you want to create.

Another way would be to use a standard 8.5x11 binder and then insert your 8x8 pages in there in any variety of way that works for you - they could be glued to 8.5x11 pages, or inserted into folder/pocket style pages, or punched and inserted into the rings as is.

Those are just a few ways, but there are as many ideas as there are binding methods out there (and then some!), so it's up to you and what your skill level is, and more importantly what would serve you the best to ensure you use the planner fully.

I hope that helps! Happy crafting!

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