Hug Snug Seam Binding

by Fran Brown
(BC Canada)

I asked the name of seam binding that many JJs use. I got the name of Hug Snug. When going on line to get some, I find it is made of rayon and was wondering if it takes sprays, etc to change the colour. I bought some rayon seam binding at a thrift and when washing it, it stayed crisp and not scrunchy. Does one have to use a heat gun to get this scrunch look? It was a dark colour so didn't try to change the colour. (you can see I am Canadian by my spelling of colour.

Fran Brown

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Oct 20, 2016
Five Star
by: Anonymous

Since I discovered Hug Snug I seldom buy other ribbon. Using my distress inks and a spray bottle I dye my own to got with my projects. The water and some scrunching makes it looks wonderful but straight off the roll is great too...neat and tidy bows. Comes in a ton of colors and very affordable. I order through Amazon.

Oct 12, 2016
Scrunching/Crinkling Technique
by: Debbie-Anne

Lol, I'm Canadian as well. I believe that's how they spell it in Britain too ;)

Hug Snug is the brand I use and it takes any dye I use on it. There is a trick to making it scrunchy. Some wad it up and stuff it tightly into the corner of a ziplock bag and let it dry in there.

Or, you can try this method which I like to do:

How to Crinkle Seam Binding.

Happy crinkling!

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