How do you dye paper?

by Nancy Brill

Two questions:

1) how long do you leave the paper (copy paper) in the coffee or tea solution before putting it in the oven?

2) Someone mentioned dyeing paper with food colors. I would love more information on this, proportion of food color to water, how long in solution, baked or not? Thanks for all information, I'm loving looking at people's junk journals.

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Oct 12, 2016
by: Anonymous

Thanks to you all! I dyed some paper with food dye and it came out very well thanks to your advice. I left the paper in the dye bath for about 30 sec; in some of them I added some boiled down coffee and I liked those best of all.

Sep 08, 2016
Dyeing paper
by: Marci

I also do a quick dip and onto cookie sheet lined with baking paper. If at the end I want a couple darker sheets or more interesting coffee marks I leave it in longer, or splash it on. I have added fountain pen ink and/or dylusions paint into the coffee solution for a vintage rose colour. Very little is needed. Start with 1/8 teaspoon and keep adding until you like the colour, or add paper each stage to get variations in pink. Have fun!

Sep 08, 2016
Dyeing paper
by: Diana

I just drag the paper through the dye and go right to the baking sheet. If it's plain copy or tracing paper, I go pretty quickly; if it's card stock, I'll go a little slower. Haven't used food dyes - will have to give that a go! If the food dye colors seem too bright, I'd suggest toning them down by adding a little bit of the coffee dye to the mix. Good luck!

Sep 08, 2016

by: Debbie-Anne

Hi Nancy,

Personally, I just submerge my paper in a pan of coffee solution long enough for it to get soaked and then take it out almost immediately and place it on my cookie sheet for baking. We have a few tutorials on the Coffee and Tea Dyeing page, so hopefully you'll find some good pointers.

As for food coloring, I'll see if I can find some tips for you. In the meantime, have fun experimenting with it, maybe you'll be teaching us your tips on the subject! Thank you for the great questions!

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