Hand Dyed Seam Binding

by Debbie-Anne

I love using colored seam binding in my vintage junk journals. It makes a nice embellishment on tags and adds a feminine touch to closures too.

I use Hug Snug seam binding.

There are many helpful tutorials on YouTube for coloring seam binding. You can even use coffee or tea, juice crystals (Kool Aid), or natural juices from beets and other fruits/vegetables. Here's a video by Lindsay the Frugal Crafter that shows how to use homemade color sprays.

I've tried a few different methods and my favorite is with Gelatos by Faber Castell and more recently, Tim Holtz Distress Crayons. I find the seam binding comes out much softer than when it's colored with ink sprays. I love the new Distress Crayons, there are so many ways they can be used.

I got this idea from Yvonne White on YouTube. First I moisten and crinkle my seam binding on a craft mat. Then I scribble the mat with my crayon and give it a few spritzes of water. I then take my wad of damp seam binding and 'wipe' all the crayon away with it, moving the seam binding around to soak in all the wet crayon mixture. Finally, I leave the seam binding on paper towels to let it dry. Done!

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May 04, 2016
Hand dyed seam binding
by: AMarynonymous

I dye my white ribbon (1/4") instead of seam binding. Using my homemade color sprays or distress inks sprayed on my craft mat works best for me. Once the color is where I want it, I scrunch it inside of a paper towel to wick away excess color. I then bunch it up, twist a rubber band around it and hit it with my heat gun for just a minute, turning around and over. After it's had time to air dry, I put the rubber-banded dyed ribbon into a plastic sandwich bag and leave it there until I need it for my project. I dye several colors at a time and store all my dyed ribbons in the bag and they always come out so nice and crinkled. I often use a distress ink pad (Vintage Photo) to grunge up some areas once the ribbon has dried, too.
Thanks so much for your wonderful blog!

Mar 31, 2016
by: Debbie-Anne

You're welcome Anna (and oops for enabling an excuse to shop for more Tim H. goodies)! xo

Mar 31, 2016
tim holtz
by: Anna

I love Tim Holtz sprays for inking lace ,trim etc,...and I didn't think I would use/need the new crayons....but I'm thinking I need to try these on my seam binding now ! lol..Another reason to buy something new...lol Thanks for posting Debbie !!

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More Hand Colored Seam Binding

by Debbie-Anne

Here's another way to color your seam binding. This will give it a more opaque color that sprays and gelatos.

The process is simple and just like the gelatos method I posted about before. All you need is a craft mat, a mister with plain water, your length of seam binding in white or cream, and a bottle of Tim Holtz Distress Paint in your favorite color.

1) Spray your seam binding with water and set aside.

2) Dab some Distress Paint on your mat and then spray it with a bit of water.

3) Swirl your wad of seam binding in the paint and then wring it out when it is completely colored.

4) Clean your mat and either dry your seam binding naturally or use a heat gun.

All done!

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