Distressing Your
Junk Journals

Coffee stained pages with distressed edge

Distressing is the term used to describe the technique applied to paper and other supplies to give them the 'aged' appearance we love in vintage junk journals. Here are some of the best ways to achieve distressing.

Paper Distressing Tool

This tool gives the edge of your paper a tattered look. The distressing is achieved by sliding the tool along the edge of your paper.

You can also get the same effect by running the blade of a sharp pair of scissors along the page. 

Sanding Block/Paper

A sanding block or fine grit sandpaper is my favourite way to distress book covers, playing cards or any other 'junk' that looks new. It takes some of the gloss away, leaves scuff marks behind and a worn edge.

When gluing paper to cereal or granola boxes (on junk journal covers, for example), it's a good idea to sand the glossy finish to allow for better adherence and less bubbling or wrinkling.

Ink Pads

Stamping ink is another great distressing tool. I use it on most projects. I like to run the ink pad itself along the edges of my junk journal covers and journaling cards for a crisp darker edge. Or, I use a blending tool and apply gently along the edges.

My absolute favourite colours and brand are Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Old Paper, Walnut Stain, and Vintage Photo.

Ink Sprays

Another fun way to distress paper is to use ink sprays. A splash of sprayed colour on plain papers will go a long to add a worn, vintage feel to your junk journals.

Some sprays are straight color while others have a bit of shimmer in them.

Here's a video for making your own sprays.

Add Your Distressing Tips

Have you picked up a few tricks for distressing your junk journals? Share them here!

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