Junk Journal
Design Team Call

Vintage Junk Journals is looking for designers. The emphasis at this site is on:

  • frugal crafting
  • recycling/upcycling/re-purposing
  • printing on demand as opposed to strictly using mass produced designer papers

Therefore, your objective as a designer will be to inspire people to create junk journals in a frugal/environmentally friendly fashion - by combining recycled supplies/junk from your own stash and digitals from Ephemera's Vintage Garden that are printed when needed, creating less waste.

This is a great opportunity to promote your YouTube channel, blog, or Etsy shoppe!

Design Team runs from January 2017 through June 2017.

Creative Requirements

You'll be creating one junk journal per month for 6 months. Every 2 months you'll get to choose a different kit. This means you'll have the opportunity to work with 3 different digital kits/collections during your time as team member.

You'll share your creation in a video on YouTube. It can be a slideshow of photos, a descriptive video or full tutorial, whatever you're comfortable with. 

You will also write a post on this website and include your YouTube video; your post should have a minimum of one low resolution photo (no larger than 1MB) and include a brief description along with the video embed code (this embed code is found on YT next to the 'share' option under your video where you normally grab a link, see photo below). If you don't speak in your videos, your post on this website will have to include a more in-depth description to showcase your project.

Technical Requirements

  • must have access to working printer
  • knowledge of extracting files from zip folders
  • experience making clear, audible, edited videos and uploading them to YouTube and taking flash-free but well-lit photos
  • have an active YouTube channel
  • access to laptop/pc to submit website posts via the submission form on the Design Team page.

Your junk journal creations and digital kits will be yours to use as you wish afterwards (as per EVG terms of use), including selling your handmade projects.

Digital kits and elements from other designers cannot be used in your design team projects.

Members of other digital design teams are welcome to apply.

To be considered for the team,

please follow the instructions in the video below

to apply.

Would You Like To Join The Team?

Please tell me a little about yourself!

I'd love to know why you're interested in being on the design team.

To be considered, please follow the instructions in the video above. This application is the same process as submitting a team project to ensure members are able to use the form. Think of it as a practice run, of sorts.

Be sure to also leave me your contact info so that I can get in touch with you if you're chosen.




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