Comb Binding for Junk Journals?

by BJ
(Glen Allen, VA)

Would using a comb binding machine be acceptable for binding a junk journal? Would it take away from the 'vintage' look?

Any comments would be great.
BJ Mashinski

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Oct 24, 2016
Covers Made for Binding Machines
by: Julie Filatoff

For sure Zutter, and I think We R Memorykeepers, make cardboard covers that slip over your ring-bound books. You just have to realize that your first and last pages will be hidden by the covers. Go for it!

Oct 09, 2016
It's your book...
by: PatriciaD

It's your book, you do what you want with it. If it's for a book share type thing then you have to follow the rules but if you're making it for you or for a friend or just cuz then by golly do what you want with it. My opinion counts ya know!! hehe

Oct 07, 2016
Re comb binding
by: Sandra

Hi, I have the comb binder too, and I think that it would be suitable for a junk journal, although I think I would spray the plastic "rings" for lack of a better descriptor, with spray paint to grunge them up.

Oct 05, 2016
Comb Binding
by: Debbie-Anne

Hi BJ,

I think junk journal making in general has no rules. Many of us simply use the supplies we have on hand and experiment with different binding techniques.

If you're goal is to make a journal that reflects an era where journals were hand stitched, then perhaps you'll build up to trying that method at some point. But if you have access to comb binding equipment (some of us use the Cinch wire binding too), then go for it. You can then decorate your cover and spine to give it a vintage feel. And the plus side is that you'll be able to open and lay the book flat for journaling.

The most impportant thing is to have fun making it. Thanks for your excellent question!

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