Color Your Paperclips!

by Debbie-Anne

I love embellishing my vintage junk journals with metals of all kinds - charms, pins, paperclips, etc. But finding them in the antiqued/bronze finish that I like is not always easy, and they can be expensive.

I want to show you how it can be done with supplies you might already have on hand for other purposes.

When I first started, I looked up 'alcohol ink on metal' on YouTube and found this excellent video from several years ago:

The first photo shows the result of using the Caramel alcohol ink by Ranger on silver paperclips, both smooth and ribbed, in the same manner as shown in the video.

The second photo is the effect produced by dabbing Ranger's Vintaj Patina in the Clay color with a makeup sponge. The finish is more matte and textured, and looks like rusted metal.

I like both and I haven't found that the finish wears off. And even if it did a little, I feel it would only enhance their vintage quality. Other items I've refinished include:

- safety pins
- silver charms
- glass beads

Thanks for visiting! xo

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Oct 07, 2017
Colour Your Paperclips
by: Shirley

I've forgot that you can use alcohol inks to colour metals, plastics, glass and probably other materials that I have not tried yet.

Sep 07, 2017
Color your paperclips!
by: Anonymous

So great! I often didn't purchase an embellishment because I wished for a different color or vintage look.

Sep 07, 2017
coloring paperclips and other
by: sabina pamfili

Thank you, Debbie, for these ideas. It looks very easy. Much less complicated than what I have been doing over years i.e. I take the metal object and put it on a hot burner. It changes the color permanently but it also is possible that you can hurt yourself.
I love all of your ideas, your papers, your kits.

Sep 07, 2017
Paper clips
by: KimmyKim

This is great information!! I'm going to try it today. I just happen to have the ranger ink. Thanks for the tip

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