Vintage Glue Books
and Collage Art

Glue books are an extension of junk journal art because they provides yet another opportunity to recycle ephemera and assorted 'junk'. This page is filled with collage art inspiration and tips. We hope you'll join in!

If you're new to glue books and collage art, Margarete Miller's videos below will help you get started. She offers great tips on what to collect, how to organize it and basics for creating collage art pages.

Margarete has also provided an in-depth list of ideas for collage paper scraps here.

Share Your Art

If you've got tips for making glue books and collage art, we'd love to hear from you. We'd also love to see your finished pages and be inspired. Share your videos and photos with us!

Glue Books and Collage Art

Click on the links below for more inspiration...

Handmade Glue Books 
I'm a beginner in this kind of activity and every time, I enjoy looking for many images on magazines, old books, etc.

Mail Art Postcards and Envelopes 
I was going through my past projects and came across some postcards I made in 2014. They were so easy and fun to make! For the postcards, I started …

Garden Glue Book
With Recycled Items
Since my man and I started to plant our garden I have wanted to make a garden journal to keep track of what we planted but also to sit during the cold …

Vintage Junk Journal Glue Books 
These are my current junk journal glue books, ready to fill with collage art. I like making them ahead of time so that when I'm ready to create a collage …

Organizing Collage Bits and
A Sampling of Glue Book Junk Journals
I just wanted to share how I organize my collage art ephemera before I start a project. When I'm creating, I don't like clutter around me. Of course some …

Tattered {Vintage} Glue Book 
This glue book is one of my favorite junk journal projects so far. A glue book is when you create collages on your journal pages. This one has more of …

'Things With Wings' - Doodle Glue Book/Junk Journal 
As a digital designer, part of my work involves printing my digis before I list them in my shops, to make sure they look good on paper. That often leaves …




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