Coffee and Tea Dyeing

Coffee or tea dyeing is a paper antiquing technique that gives your vintage junk journals an aged, worn appearance.

The technique is simple and was once used to dye crocheted doilies, curtains and tablecloths, back when commercial dyes weren't available in stores.

Vintage Junk Journal with Coffee Dyed Pages

Coffee and tea stained paper becomes unevenly colored and very crinkled, adding to the appeal for vintage junk journals.

I love to bake my paper, even though it can be time consuming. The baking not only speeds up the drying process but it also darkens the paper. I also sometimes let it air dry overnight on plain newsprint sheets.

There are a few pointers to keep in mind when making coffee or tea dyed papers for your creations:

  • inkjet printer images should not be immersed in a coffee/tea solution as the images will bleed. (Instead of dipping, I opt for spraying the mix on the plain back of printed images, and only after my images have been printed for at least 24 hours to allow the ink to set.)
  • coffee and tea are highly acidic and reduce the archival properties of the paper. Mounting photos may cause them to fade over time. 
  • laser printer images are not subject to running or bleeding when dipped in a coffee mixture.
  • 28 lb. copy paper is ideal.

More Tips

The following tutorial by Teresa Lafrentz has excellent tea dyeing tips.

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Tea and Coffee Dyeing Tips

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