Altered National Geographic Paper

by Beverly

I recently got some vintage National Geographic magazines, CitraSolv and Matte Acrylic Spray.. Not sure I'm doing this correctly, as some pages bled well into multi-colored collage types, and others didn't. Also, I don't know how to remove the Citra Solv scent from the smells 'orangey'...and it's ok, but don't want it to permeate my junk journals...Any ideas on this? Thanks!

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Jun 17, 2019
Citra Solv Paper
by: Debbie-Anne

There's a good portion of pages in the old Nat Geo mags at the front that are printed differently - that ink won't react with the Citra Solv. Once you get past the ads and into the actual articles the ink dissolves beautifully.

As for the smell, it will dissipate over time so I recommend you let the pages air out a while in a well ventilated room before using them.

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