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Ephemera's Vintage Garden has outgrown its 'Frequently Asked Questions' page, so we've expanded. Welcome to the Vintage Junk Journals website! Get all your junk journal and printables questions answered in one place. Learn new techniques, get inspired, share ideas. There's no other site like it on the web.

Vintage Junk Journal Tutorial

Junk journals are fun and easy to make but if you've just discovered them, you may be wondering where to start. Perhaps you're not new to making them, but you're looking for a creative spark. Well we've got everyone covered!

Not only do we have helpful tips and projects shares, we also have great tutorials. Finding what you need is easy - all the topics covered are on the left; you can also use the site search option here.

What Exactly Is a Junk Journal?

A junk journal (sometimes spelled 'junque') can refer to two things. It can be a book made with mail and paper items found around one's household; it can also be a book that holds ephemera such as notes, ticket stubs, magazine cutouts or newspaper clippings, etc.

These journals can be used like regular notebooks with a practical purpose. This can include:


art journal







However, some crafters like to make them simply as decorative keepsakes they can flip through and enjoy.

There are no rules when making junk journals, they can be whatever you want them to be. One thing is certain - they are addictive!

Junk Journal

Why Make Junk Journals?

My favorite thing about junk journals is the fact that I can create a work of art with junk/recycled paper. I like that I can be frugal and environmentally conscious while pursuing a fun hobby.

I also love that every junk journal I create is unique and made to suit my style and needs. I enjoy the process of gathering paper and supplies and making a book without too much planning ahead. I use what I have on hand and make it work.

Another thing I like is that a junk journal is filled with visual and tactile interest as opposed to stark, blank pages. The splashes of colour, texture, pockets and tuck spots create an inviting place to journal, draw or smash.

Although crisp, new notebooks and journals are nice, the casual feel of a junk journal is very welcoming. The imperfections take the pressure off, creatively speaking. The junkier, the better!

Junk Journal with Hand-dyed Seam Binding Closure

What's On This Website?

I've been designing digital journal kits and making junk journals for about five years. I've got alot of info I want to share with you and some of my jj friends are joining in too! Share what you know or find what you need - either way there's something for everyone!

Some topics covered on this site:

  • basic journal making tools
  • supplies to use
  • printables - resizing, printing
  • how to make covers
  • easy binding techniques
  • tips for embellishing your journals
  • and lots more!

Is there a junk journal topic you'd like us to cover? Make a request here.

I hope you enjoy the wonderful creativity here. Be sure to visit often and to sign up to have inspiration delivered right to your inbox!

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** Special credits and my deep gratitude go to three pioneers in the large junk journal community we know today. They are YouTubers Rachel Jazzy Creations, PocketFullOfVintage, and Yoliebean. Their videos and tutorials between 2011 and early 2013 were the originals that inspired so many of us to create our own versions of junk journals.**


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