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What Exactly Is a Junk Journal?

A junk journal is typically made with craft supplies, recycled paper, junk mail and other found materials. A 'vintage' junk journal is when such items are from a bygone era, or made to look like they are by applying techniques that give the supplies the appearance of having aged over time.

The videos below show examples of vintage and vintage inspired junk journals.

Junk journals can be both a decorative keepsake and have a practical purpose such as:


art journal



collage art




There really are no rules when making junk journals, they can be whatever you want them to be. One thing is certain - they are addictive!

Why Make Junk Journals?

1) Recycling! You can create a work of art with junk/recycled paper and be frugal and environmentally conscious while pursuing a fun hobby.

2) Every junk journal you create is a unique work of art and made to suit your style and needs. 

3) A junk journal is filled with visual and tactile interest as opposed to stark, blank pages. The splashes of colour, texture, pockets and tuck spots create an inviting place to journal, draw or smash.

4) Although crisp, new notebooks and journals are nice, the casual feel of a junk journal is very welcoming. The imperfections are part of the creativity and individuality of the maker and the journal. The junkier, the better!

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Popular Tutorials

** Special thanks to three pioneers in the large junk journal community we know today. They are YouTubers Rachel Jazzy Creations, PocketFullOfVintage, and Yoliebean. Their videos and tutorials between 2011 and early 2013 were the originals that inspired so many of us to create our own versions of junk journals.**

We welcome all your tips and ideas. Contribute projects and techniques to inspire others!

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